Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday's Thought #4

This question comes from my head again. Tonight's question is about the spanking scenario itself. Is it more appealing when the situation is a role play or when it just happens without the role play element?

I welcome your thoughts.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday's Thought #3

The thought for this Thursday comes from my own head as I haven't had any suggestions for questions to ponder on The Bottom Line. So this question comes from me.

Do videos of spankings, such as those on YouTube, appeal to you?

I would welcome your thoughts on this subject and will attempt to post a recap of this discussion within the next few days.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Welcome to the second edition of Thursday's Thoughts. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to post last week. Anyway, I was thinking this week about age play. Personally, I don't engage in much. But some of you might. I would welcome your thoughts about it. What do you like or not like? Does it appeal or does it not? Any stories?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

Today is the day I have decided to post a thought for the week. The thought for the week will be very similar in format to Bonnie's brunches on My Bottom Smarts, however it will be on Thursday. It will be in the form of a discussion question. There will be plenty of time to post comments on said question. On Friday or Saturday each week, I will post a recap of your thoughts on the question I have chosen for the week. I would welcome question ideas from all of you. For this week, since I do not have a question chosen, post question ideas in the comments on this post. While I am posting on Thursday in a similar format to Bonnie's on Sunday, I still encourage you to keep visiting her on Sunday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Weekly Question

I would like to do a weekly discussion centered around questions that I would get from readers or come up with myself. However, since one of my fellow bloggers is already posting on Sunday for this type of thing, I will not be posting on Sunday so as not to deter her readers. In fact, I encourage you to keep visiting Bonnie at "My Bottom Smarts." I will be posting on a different day. I have not decided yet which day I will post, but I will not post on Sunday. I would welcome suggestions on which day to post as well as ideas for discussion questions.

The First Time

Let me start by apologizing for not getting this up sooner. There was a time during the break between this post and the last one that I became ill with a flu bug, and then life got in the way. In my comments on the last post, I stated I would write about the first experience I had with spanking in another post and I stated why I chose not to elaborate on it in the same comment. Now, I will tell about it.

The very first experience I had with this was actually before I would be considered an adult by the standards of what is considered the adult age in the US. I was about twelve. However, I was already dating a guy that I was really happy with. We were sitting in his house together one night talking. I was in his lap and I was quite comfortable. He had his arms around me, but one of his hands was on my bottom. Out of nowhere, he decided to give a light swat. When I felt this, the first thing I felt was surprise, not pain. Quite frankly, it didn't even hurt. I just never thought he'd be one that would do something like that. He never showed any signs to me before this that he would even be that type. After I got over the surprise part of it, I enjoyed the experience.

The sad part: He only gave one swat and then almost never did it again the whole time we were together. We were never even sexual with each other and after two years, both of us decided to break it off. I enjoyed the experience, but I think that fact scared him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Root of My Interest

It really all started by accident when I was on a date. The boyfriend I was with at the time was just holding me and then decided to give a slight swat. It really just escalated from there. I would welcome input on the roots of your interests.